New Scotland Joins the Civil War

     Focusing on Town of New Scotland citizens who fought in the Civil War, the current exhibit features Town records listing the dates and places where New Scotland people joined the military, where they were sent, what their duties involved, and what ultimately happened to them. A series of letters from a Clarksville soldier are reprinted, following him in his service. There are descriptive posters for recruiting, musical instruments used by members of different regiments, weapons and machinery of the war.


 Artifacts from the 1860s, weaponry, clothing, and church and cemetery records give more information about ordinary people who served in various New York State regiments. Books about the war and different battles in which New Scotland volunteers fought are also presented.


The exhibit devoted space to the two-hundredth anniversary of the War of 1812. At that time, when new stars were added to the flag, new stripes were also added. The flag on display has fifteen stars and fifteen stripes. The documentation gives reasons for the War, battles, and leadership.

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