Natural History and Archeology

  • Behavioral Patterns of the Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis), By David C. Krieg.

  • Birds of Washington Park, Albany, New York, By Dayton Stoner.

  • Books by Winifred Goldring, (1888-1971):

    1. Handbook of Paleontology for Beginners and Amateurs

    2. Handbook of Paleontology for Beginners and Amateurs, Part Two

    3. Geology of the Berne Quadrangle

    4. Guide to the Geology of John Boyd Thacher Park and Vicinity

  • Geological History of New York State, By William John Miller.

  • Glacial Geology of the Catskills, By John Lyon Rich.

  • Notes on the Archeology and History of Thompson's Lake and John Boyd Thacher Park, By Paul R.Huey.

  • Soil Survey of Albany and Schenectady Counties, By Clarence Lounsbury.