Museum Collections and Practices

  • A Primer for Local Historical Societies, By Laurence R. Pizer.

  • Field Guide to American Houses, By Virginia McAlester.

  • Going Public: Community Program and Project Ideas for Historical Orgianzations, By Cynthia Robinson.

  • Guide to Environmental Protection of Collections, By Barbara Appelbaum.

  • My History is America's History: 15 Things you can do to Save America's Stories, National Endowment for the Humanities.

  • Nearby History: Exploring the Past Around Us, By David E. Kyvig.

  • New York Projectile Points: a Typology and Nomenclature, By W. A. Ritchie.

  • Standards and Practices for Historic Site Administration , Tri-State Coalition of Historic Places.

  • The Good Guide: a Sourcebook for Interpreters, Docents, and Tour Guides, By Alison L. Grinder.