Join the NSHA! Members have the opportunity to:


  • Receive copies of the NSHA Newsletter, The Sentinel, four times a year.

  • Hear advance notice of NSHA programs and events.

  • Get a chance to meet and talk with people who share an interest in the history of New Scotland.

  • Find opportunities to volunteer on meaningful local history projects.

Joining is quick and easy. Print out and complete the appropriate form and mail in.



Volunteer Opportunities for Members

All members have the opportunity to volunteer to serve on the committee(s) of their choice. Within the organization, there are assignments that can be done at home, assignments that can be done at the museum, and research assignments or opportunities to work in the larger community to gather information for the Association. Here are some more possibilities:

Join one of the standing committees:


Museum exhibit committee, Museum collections committee, Sentinel committee (researching, writing, editing, photographing, proofreading, putting the paper together, folding and stamping an issue for mailing), Publicity committee (promoting programs, projects, fund raisers), Program committee (finding an interesting presentation for members to enjoy), Membership committee (maintaining records of members and businesses which support the Association, recruiting new members and businesses), Hospitality committee (hosting each public program, arranging for donations of refreshments, setting up the table, serving food), Genealogy committee (collecting data on families, church records, and other types of records entrusted to the Association for preservation, helping people with their research, providing access to the records the Association has), Finance committee (maintaining accurate records of the Association's financial data and keeping membership funds in interest-bearing accounts), Historic Sites committee (focusing on specific locations within the town that have a specific story to tell, and helping to tell those stories with historic markers or records available to the public).


Help with the "housekeeping":

     Dust exhibit cases and shelves, vacuum the floors, put up and take down chairs for monthly programs, keep track of current newspaper stories about local organizations, cut out and file these stories, help type accessions or other paperwork onto the computer, write an article for the Sentinel, interview a neighbor for an article, suggest program ideas, volunteer to become an Association trustee or officer when the nominating committee asks for help in the spring of each year.