The General Store of the early 20th Century

 For its first display, the new Exhibits Committee chose a General Store of the early 20th Century. A "general store" was a place which sold goods in many different categories under one roof. For example, some had food, live animals (chickens, ducks, etc.), shoe repairs, barbering, patent medicines, clothing, toys, blankets, sewing supplies, seeds, and farm tools. The committee researched where the Town's general stores were located and what they sold. A map was created, showing the locations of many of these stores. Often, the same building was a general store for many years under several different owners. In creating the actual Exhibit, the committee used pictures from members whose families had general stores. The Museum owned many of the items on display, and many citizens of the town loaned the Historical Association other items to complete the look of the General Store. At the grand opening , a checkers tournament was held, with players from the viewing audience competing.