The Town of New Scotland Historical Association preserves, protects and promotes history in the Town of New Scotland through the stewardship of material culture directly related to the town. Our purpose is to promote an appreciation of local history, heritage, and culture through research, publications and educational programs.

Events & Announcements
NSHA 2020-21 program season has been suspended and the New Scotland Museum will be closed until further notice in compliance with requirements of State and local health officials
Listen to Alan Kowlowitz, NSHA President, and Town Historian Bob Parmenter talk about NSHA and the History of New Scotland on Bob Cudmore's podcast "The Historian" @ https://soundcloud.com/obudmore/new-scotlandthe-historiansfriday-july-10-2020
Town of New Scotland and Village of Voorheesville Historic Preservation Law Has been passed by both the Town and the Village! Stay tuned for a link to the Commission's webpage  Read the version of the law passed by the Town Board.
Visit our new Bender Melon Farm page where you can:
  • Download Dennis Sullivan's Charles Bender and the Bender Melon Farm: A Local History. 
  • Find out how you can help save the Bender Melon Farm property.
You can also visit the small but unique Bender Melon Farm exhibit at the New Scotland Museum

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